After School Club

After School Club

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When the International School Haarlem closes for the day, the After School Club starts in a beautiful building, which used to be the old community college at the Leidsevaart. Super convenient, an After School Club in the same building as the school, we will not lose any valuable playtime as there is a lot to do at Op Stoom. A lot!

Do your thing

A little taster of what we have to offer? Here we go: Developing green fingers in the vegetable garden, making insane art works, romping around in the playground, organising a mini playback show, playing with Kapla architectural building blocks or free-styling with residual industrial material, it’s all possible. As well as to retreat on the couch with a good book or a comic. The most important thing is that your child can be him/herself. Why? Because!

Look at that garden!

Our garden, full of nature, is da bomb. It’s super adventurous with many differences in heights, places to fly kites, shrubs to play hide and seek and tree trunks to climb to the peak. And of course there are animals; insects, worms, toads and salamanders. What else could you wish for?

Personal attention

Your child will be in a mentored group. The mentor will take your child under his or her wing and if they want to share something or if something is wrong, they know where to go and who to talk to. That’s pleasant for everybody!

A feeling of security

Only qualified childminders who have a degree in pedagogy and a declaration of good behavior (Verklaring omtrent goedgedrag) work at our After School Club. Your child will see the same familiar faces each day, because our employees work on set days of the week. This way you can go to work carefree, because you know your child is safe; A win-win situation.

We <3 all colours of the rainbow

Children from all over the world come to the After School Club. Red, white, black or purple with a golden trim… every child is welcome. We adore all children and are happy to take eating habits, holidays and other cultural differences into account. Even better, teach us all about it, we love to learn about other cultures!

For your child?

The After School Club is exclusively for children from the International School Haarlem. Op Stoom also offers before school care: The Breakfast Club. You can bring your child(ren) from Monday to Friday, from 7.30am onwards. Pretty awesome, never late for work again.

After School Club