Always in contact

Always in contact


It is important that you feel carefree and comfortable when you bring your child to us. We offer you the trust to do so, by talking to you and telling you about what we do and how your child is doing at Op Stoom. We take initiative for chats and are always available if you want to chat with us. Together we know what is happening in the world of your child and how to promote his or her development.

Consults during the drop off and pick up of the children

When you drop off your child we love to hear about how he or she is doing and if there is anything we need to know of. When you pick up your child at the end of the day we will fill you in on how your child did. It’s about the small things that we notice that day. And of course, also about playing with the other children, eating and drinking and other care aspects.

Always in contact

You can reach us all day by phone or email. Of course we have contact on a daily base when you pick-up your child. Furthermore the location coordinator will regularly send you an email with information about the fun stuff we do, our employees, important dates and other things that are important to know.

About the development of your child

In order to guide your child in his or her individual development, we monitor your child daily. We pay close attention to your child. How comfortable is your child amongst the group? And what does he or she need? Each year we capture this in an observational report. We call this method ‘Welbevinden’ (well-being). This report is for you to take home, and we’ll gladly go through it with you.

When we have concerns about your ch