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Nice atmosphere

Nice atmosphere

A cozy spot

Our daycare and preschool groups are cozy and the interior suits the pedagogical vision of Op Stoom. The layout and materials encourage your child to play. Colorful wallpaper and checkered curtains for a homey feeling. Carpet for traction and a soft landing. Sturdy furniture and sustainable toys that are imaginative and inviting.


When you look around the space, you’ll notice that we have several play and activity corners. The corners are conducive for children to play in smaller groups, and they also

help your child concentrate on what they are playing, as they’re less likely to be distracted. Constant building and tinkering happens in the construction and cars corner. The dress up corner is ruled by pirates and princesses. And from the doll and kitchen corner we can often hear ‘and then I was the dad and you the mom’. Plenty of spaces for infinite fantasies and playful learning.

Some alone time

The play corners also provide your child the opportunity to withdraw from the group for a bit. Very convenient, as children also have a need for privacy sometimes.

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