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Op Stoom applies a cancellation period of 1 month for all services (including partial cancellation). Termination of the agreement can be done on any given day of the month via letter or e-mail planning@opstoom.nl. If you cancelled the agreement during the second half of the month, the financial processing of the cancellation will be done the following month due to the direct debit system. For example: if you cancel the after school club on February 17th, the full monthly amount for March will be charged via direct debit. At the end of March you will receive a credit invoice and refund of the excess amount paid.

Cancelling before it all starts

Op Stoom requires a minimal service of a month, so you’ll have to pay this. Though, please remember to cancel the childcare before the first day of care.

Did you stop working or lose your job?

After your last day of work, you are still entitled to 3 more months of childcare benefit.

When you use less daycare than your workdays, you possibly are entitled to childcare benefits for longer. We can provide you with more information on this and are happy to help you. You can reach us through planning@opstoom.nl or 023 – 2302004.

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