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Holidays in our own country

The moment school closes their doors; we start our holiday program at our BSO’s.

During holidays, you do fun stuff, that is what holidays are for! We drum up all our specialist in music, dance, arts, nature and robotics to provide us with a splendorous program for the day.

Both at your own location as at other locations of Op Stoom there is the choice out of super cool holiday activities. From Beauty days, to building rafts or a fire pit. From a skateboard clinic to building robots and computer programming. A lot of times we also hit the road, to a nature reserve or a visit to the beekeeper. Even the House of Representatives can expect a visit from our kids during the holidays.

Of course, we take different ages into account. We have 4+, 7+ and 9+ activities. You can register your child(ren) through vakantie.opstoom.nl. One tip: be quick because full is full.

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