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I do it

I do it

Loving the process

No matter how small your child, they will quickly discover there is a whole world awaiting them. A world that needs to be explored! We give them a lot of space to do so, because we love this process.

Doing it themselves

With us, your child gets to try a lot of thing things themselves. Making themselves a sandwich, at their own pace. They feel so grownup when they succeed. Drinking out of a cup all by yourself, even if it gets a little messy? Of course! How else do you learn?


Endless dabbling with water, sand and paint

Your child will choose for themselves what they want to make during arts and crafts. They are the spunky artist that tries all kinds of things. No matter the end result, dabbling is good for their development. They concentrate for increasingly longer times and enjoy everything they discover during the process. We are so proud of all those fun, crazy and creative ideas your child has.

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