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Messing with mud

Is there anything more satisfying that messing with mud? No! Messing with mud in your own mud kitchen. Your child takes a couple of big scoops of sand, adds a splash of water and a handful of leaves. A little stir and this heavenly mud dish is ready to be served.

Foraging and stirring up a mess

With kitchen utensils from the grownup world and ingredients from nature, your child can endlessly play in the mud kitchen. Just like grownups, the children expertly experiment in the kitchen. They quickly discover that their homemade mud pie gets sturdier by adding some more sand. Foraging and stirring up a mess in the kitchen, but also exploring boundaries and discovering new possibilities. Maybe we’ll help out a bit, when the kitchen prince or princes asks, or just because we feel like making mud meatballs too. And the rain takes care of our muddy dishes.

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