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Op Stoom DNA

Op Stoom DNA

A dedication to children

At Op Stoom we have enthusiastic employees, from all over the country. A mixed company of sweet, awesome, adventurous, young and not so young, men and women. Each one with a dedication to children!

Op Stoom DNA

We recruit people that have a little bit of “Op Stoom” in their DNA already, and guide them in mastering our pedagogy. That is why Op Stoom is a good fit for your child.

Having fun together

We choose to inspire your child in a special way, full of passion with vigorous motivation and endless patience. Professional and playful at the same time. We don’t stand on the sidelines: we gleefully partake in the activities, together with the children, and enjoy this participation immensely.

Loving care, of course!

We want you to be able to go to work carefree, and most of all we love children, of course. Loving care is our foundation, it is important to us that both small and big kids receive attention, are communicated with in a positive manner and are truly seen for who they are.

X and Y

We have a lot of males working at Op Stoom. Not just because they are funny and good company, but also because we consider their influence important for your child at a pedagogical level. At our day cares, most of the employees are female, but at our BSO’s our teams are mixed as much as possible. This is not only good for the boys, who can identify themselves with them, but also great for girls.

Reizigers? Typical Op Stoom!

Your child’s group has permanent employees; this is safe and familiar. But you will also find Reizigers, who organize mega-über-special activities for the children. Your child will meet new Rezigers all the time, as they go by all our locations to inspire children with extraordinary activities.

If you can’t practice how will you learn?

We love people who are eager to learn. That is why you will find interns at Op Stoom, we are a recognised training company. Interns will work with the groups to learn the trade. They roll up their sleeves and put in the work to help in the guidance of the children. At the same time, we teach them everything there is to know about children. Good to have them there!

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