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Signing off and requesting care days

Signing off and requesting care days


Will your child not be coming to Op Stoom on the agreed care day? You can sign off your child and receive opvangpunten (care points). These care points can be used later to request a care day.

The value of care product in points:
Whole day of day care – 100
Whole day of pre-school (until the school closes, not possible at all locations) – 64
Morning/afternoon of day care (not possible at all locations) – 50
Morning of pre-school – 32
After School Club (BSO)
Study-day or holiday – 100
Short or long afternoon – 100
Breakfast Club
(not possible at all locations) – 25
Care products that are not mentioned in the table, such as early or late care, incidental care, and Lunch Club are not eligible for opvangpunten. Extra care days can also not be used for opvangpunten.

Opvangpunten are tied to the type of care as is mentioned in the table. Will your child switch from pre-school to the After School Club? Then your accumulated opvangpunten from the pre-school will lapse. Will your child only switch locations? Then your accumulated points will remain valid.

The opvangpunten are tied to the child and will remain valid for up to 3 months after signing off. When your care agreement ends, your accumulated opvangpunten will lapse. You can use the opvangpunten until the last day of your agreement. Unused opvangpunten will not be refunded.

For holidays that happen to fall upon one of your agreed care days, you will not receive care-points. For other closing days of Op Stoom, such as the days between Christmas and New Year’s eve, and the Friday after Ascension day, you will receive care-points.

Signing off for a care day

In order to receive opvangpunten, you will need to sign off your child through the Op Stoom App, before 12 pm on the day before the day in question. Will you know in advance that your child won’t be able to make it to a certain care day? Signing off can be done up to 3 months in advance. The earlier the better for the other parents.

Signed off is signed off. Do you require care on the signed off day anyways? Please re-request care for this day, through the Op Stoom App. We will check whether there still is a spot open.

Requesting a care day

From up to 3 months in advance you can request an extra care day (part of day). You can pay for this extra care day with your opvangpunten or by invoice. Paying for the extra care days partly with opvangpunten and partly by invoice is not possible. We will also not settle an extra care day with accumulated opvangpunten in the future.

Your request will be reviewed by our planners within 3 business days. Request will be viewed between 7.30 am and 5.15 pm. Please keep this in mind if you have a request for the next day.

Your request will be approved if there are enough spots available, so we abide by law and regulations. Meaning that there are no more children that the maximum allowed at the locations and that the pedagogical professional/child ratio will not be exceeded. The pedagogical professional/child ratio is different per age category. This can cause your request to be approved for your toddler but not for your baby.

Has your request not yet been approved? Then you can still cancel it by emailing aanvragen@opstoom.nl. In the case you are requesting for multiple children, it is possible to indicate that you only want to use the requested day in case all requests are approved.

An approved request cannot be switched again. You will not receive opvangpunten if you choose not to use this requested day.

To another group

Is there no spot for an extra care day on the own (mentor) group? Then – at locations with several groups – it might be possible that on the desired day your child will go to another group where there is a spot available. We will always consult this with you and we will also ask your written permission for this.

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