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Getting active at the After School Club

Getting active at the After School Club

Sweating at the after school club

A lot of children love to run or romp around after a day of school. This is possible, because at the After School Club we love to work up a sweat with a game of soccer, basketball or rugby. There is always a sports fanatic at Op Stoom who is willing to organise some form of athletics to play and get a move on together. Playing either outside or at the gym.

Being a Good Sport

Children can be pretty fanatic because everyone wants to win, understandably! Children love competitions and oeeh.. that can be very informative. There is nothing wrong with feeling disappointed when you lose, this we understand. Good thing then that a lot of games are won as well!

Added benefits

In addition to team sports, children can also practice different skills such as judo or dance. Sometimes what starts as a small dance can lead to a spectacular performance for the parents.

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