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What does childcare cost?

What does childcare cost?

Are you comparing the rates? Nice work!

Then you will have probably noticed that Op Stoom is not the cheapest childcare. We have our reasons for this. Good quality childcare is all about providing inspiring activities, safe surroundings and keeping good employees. With this we try to make a difference in the development of your child. We invest constantly in the training of our employees and in innovating what we have to offer. We love sturdy furniture as well as imaginative and resilient playing materials.

How did the rates come about?

Op Stoom does not calculate the rates by the hour, but has a fixed rate per afternoon per month, based on the yearly costs. This monthly rate is the same for most locations. We convert the monthly rates to hourly rates because you need this for the tax administration.

Lower your costs by using childcare benefit

There is a difference between the prices on our pricelist and the amount of money you will actually spend on childcare. If you are working or obtaining an education (and possibly your partner), you are entitled to childcare benefit. Therefore, your net cost for childcare is much lower.

The amount of your childcare benefit depends on your collective income and the amount of hours you work. You will also receive more benefits for your second or your next child, then you do for your first. Here, first child refers to the child that spends most time at the daycare. For example, when you have a 6-year-old child at the After School Club and a 3-year-old at our preschool, then the tax administration will view the child who spend the most time at the childcare center as the ‘first child’. Would you like to know your net costs for childcare? Run a proximate calculation at www.toeslagen.nl.

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