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Your baby with us

Your baby with us

Daycare for the first time

The first time at daycare is not only an adjustment for your child, but also for you. Especially after having enjoyed your maternity leave. Therefore we would like to have an in depth conversation about your child, about two weeks before daycare will start. Would you like to supply breastmilk for feedings or do you have preferences for formula feedings? What are your child’s daily sleeping and eating habits? And of course we would like to hear why your child is the cutest in the world!


We keep in contact

To make sure the adjustment to daycare goes smoothly for you as a parent, we regularly send you pictures through the Op Stoom app. During pick up times, we inform you about the course of our day. And in collaboration with you, during the first year, we’ll keep a diary to keep track of your child’s sleeping and eating habits.


Pleasant moments

We have a very clear vision on how we interact with babies. Babies have, as small as they are, as much of a craving for interaction as they do for care. Changing and feeding are not only necessary, but these moments also make for great opportunities to have a little ‘chat’ with your child. 


A whole world to discover

Your baby discovers the world through the small things: having a look around together, playing with the feet, or making little noises. A bowl with some wool can tickle the hands. And crackling shiny foil can put a twinkle in the eyes!


Carpet is da bomb

The décor and design of our daycare is viewed through the eyes of a baby. Everything is as safe and clean as at home. Carpet on the floors seems logical to us. Babies love the freedom to move their whole body and discover everything. Time for a nap? Your child can wind down in the baby hammock.



Little ones love the outside

Playing outside is healthy, for babies as well. They can endlessly watch the leaves or the other children playing around them. Whenever possible, your child spends time in our baby garden or another comfy spot outside. At several daycare locations it is also possible to nap outside.

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