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Parent information

Parent information


Welcome at Op Stoom

We provide loving care and give attention to the development of children in a playful way. Making our day care extra enjoyable for you and your child, is both in the details and in seeing the bigger picture. 

From babies

Our day nursery opens up a new world for your child. One that has to be explored! We will take your child by its hand and take it along with lots of love, attention and joy. We inspire, stimulate and challenge. We make sure to take all of our time for the moments of care. We play with their little feet, do games of peekaboo, watch and laugh together. We put into words what your baby sees, and what do they do? They happily babble and chat along with us! The first months, the motor skills develop like a rocket, so your child gets a lot of space. No rockers, but soft carpet or a box to bend, stretch and turn. Done playing? Then it’s time for a nap in a crib, hanging crib or outdoor bed.

To toddlers

Once your child can crawl or walk, an even larger area can be discovered. That is great, because we have several corners with their own themes. Dancing in the discovery corner, stacking things in the construction corner, or dressing a doll in the doll corner. We also like to cook. In the mud kitchen of our nature garden. And we simply LOVE reading! Which we do regularly and take a lot of time for. We often start off our fantasy games by reading a book. Because when the bears go out hunting, so do we!

To preschoolers

So much to do, so much to experience! Some children enjoy doing arts and crafts hours on end, while others prefer to run, jump and climb. No problem! Our schedule is flexible and we can always adjust our activities. Playacting, music, doing sports, being in nature… we do it all. The same goes for rhymes, songs, stories, and a visit of one of our Travelers. Guaranteed fun!

To schoolchildren

When the school closes its doors, our after-school day care takes over. Baking a beet cake, making a concert with found objects, playing the-floor-is-lava, reading a pile of Donald Ducks, or just hanging out together… Your child will decide for itself what it wants to do. Doing things out of their own interest is very educational. During holidays we’re open all day. Our pedagogical staff will then have prepared a fantastic holiday program for your child. Your child is also welcome all day long during study days.