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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the childcare costs at Op Stoom?

Payments and invoices

When do I receive the invoice? When will the direct debit take place? I can’t pay the invoice. What can I do? I received a payment reminder. Why do I receive a reminder while I pay by direct debit? What do reminder costs and formal warning costs consist of?

Cancel or terminate

I would like to terminate my placement agreement. How can I do this? What is the termination notice period? Do I have a reflection period? The childcare of my child(ren) started already during these 14 days reflection period. What should I do now? When do I pay cancelation costs? Why do I pay cancelation costs?

Making changes to the contract

I would like to modify something in my agreement, is this possible? Why and when do I pay costs for a modification of the agreement?


Where can I file my complaints? Dispute Committee

Sign out/Cancel

How do I sign out my child for a day?

Other Questions

How do I request for a location tour? What are the Op Stoom closure days? Do I receive points for the Op Stoom closure days? Where can I find the LRK number of my child care location? How can I apply for Child care allowance?
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